Tokens for sale: May 15, 2018 - Jul 16, 2018
Goal of funding (Soft cap): (not set)
0  Points                 Scam -5
Finance: 5.0
Product: 10
Team: 9.2
Marketing: 6.7
Planned funds:

(not set)

Current status:

0% done

Rank: 7.71


Type: Pre-ICO
Category: Internet
Verified team: Yes
Whitelist of investors: No
KYC of investors: No
Goal of funding (Soft cap): (not set)
Goal of funding (Hard cap): (not set)
Tokens for sale: 427,500,000 ADG
Token price: 1 ADG = 0.0001 ETH
Minimum purchase: 1 ADG
Maximum purchase: (not set)
Have escrow agent: No
Have working prototype: Yes
White paper: Open
Currencies: ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Exchange markets:
Location: Hong Kong


ADGONOS is the first ICO launched by students from top-notch universities across Asia. The ADGONOS framework provides an ad-free environment for mobile app users, as well as increased revenue for app developers.

Funding Information

Cercentage of completion 100%



Framework Development 40.00%
Marketing 35.00%
Operation and Maintenance 10.00%
Business Expense 10.00%
Reserved 5.00%

Bonuses and discounts

Pre-ICO: 25%
ICO Phase I: 10%


Qi Yao Siah

Qi Yao Siah

Financial Advisor, An experienced stock trader.

Chih Hung Chi

Chih Hung Chi

Marketing Advisor


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