Tokens for sale: Jun 26, 2018 - Aug 18, 2018
Goal of funding (Soft cap): $5,000,000.00
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Finance: 8.3
Product: 10
Team: 5.0
Marketing: 10
Planned funds:


Current status:

0% done

Rank: 8.33


Type: ICO
Category: Finance
Verified team: No
Whitelist of investors: No
KYC of investors: No
Goal of funding (Soft cap): $5,000,000.00
Goal of funding (Hard cap): $15,000,000.00
Tokens for sale: 8,000,000,000 BOS
Token price: 1 BOS = 0.00000005 ETH
Minimum purchase: 200,000 BOS
Maximum purchase: 20,000,000 BOS
Have escrow agent: No
Have working prototype: Yes
White paper: Open
Currencies: ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Exchange markets:
Location: Singapore


BOS Blockchain for Financial Services Bring trust, simplicity and efficiency to transactions through the establishment of new financial services infrastructure and processes with Ethereum Blockchain

Funding Information

Cercentage of completion 100%



Token Sale 75.00%
Founder Team 12.00%
Advisor 4.00%
Future Partner 3.00%
Airdrop Bounty 6.00%

Bonuses and discounts

Private Sale: 100%
Pre Sale: 50%


Joni Kenarol

Joni Kenarol

Joni Kenarol is founder and CEO of Bostoken

Yomi Samson

Yomi Samson

Yomi is a passionate entrepreneur and motivator.

Yohanes Wijanar

Yohanes Wijanar

Yohanes is an experienced marketing  specialist


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