Tokens for sale: Oct 13, 2018 - Nov 27, 2018
Goal of funding (Soft cap):$300,000,000.00
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Finance: 6.7
Product: 3.3
Team: 4.6
Marketing: 10
Planned funds:


Current status:

0% done

Rank: 6.15


Verified team:(not set)
Whitelist of investors:Yes
KYC of investors:Yes
Goal of funding (Soft cap):$300,000,000.00
Goal of funding (Hard cap):$2,000,000,000.00
Tokens for sale:223,000,000 CCX
Token price:0.09
Minimum purchase:(not set)
Maximum purchase:(not set)
Have escrow agent:No
Have working prototype:No
White paper:Open
Exchange markets:


Crypto Circle X is powered by a superior technological algorithm that is capable of high performance trading with over 10 million transactions per second, A.I. bot, auto-trading, professional charts with technical analysis, trading alerts, and much more, in a user friendly and responsive interface or in our specially designed mobile app.

Funding Information

Cercentage of completion 100%



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Jay Park

Jay Park

Serial Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Enthusiast, JP is the Founder and CEO of Crypto Circle Exchange. With over 18 years of experience in multiple industries (including the IT sector) under his belt, he has now set his sights on the promising cryptocurrency industry. JP is a motivated and driven business executive. He has had outstanding success managing software ventures, product development, business growth and cross-functional leadership for both start up and established high-tech companies, which also includes the Fortune 100 companies.

Alexandru Crucean

Alexandru Crucean

Alexandru Crucean is an economist with over 8 years of experience in sales, marketing strategy and finance. He discovered the Blockchain technology in July 2016 and started investing in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Together with a group of entrepreneurs and Crypto enthusiasts from all over the world, at the beginning of 2018, Alexandru is among the Co-Founders of CoinInfo.News, a global platform that provides ICO reviews, trading analysis and news regarding Cryptocurrencies. By accepting the challenge to become the COO of Crypto Circle X, Alexandru decided to put his past experiences to good use and be a part of the team that aims to create the most advanced and secure Cryptocurrency exchange that is capable of over 10 million transactions/second.

Maura Barbulescu

Maura Barbulescu

Maura Barbulescu is the descendant of a long line of entrepreneurs with business in multiple areas, from agriculture and real estates to mass-media and ICO investments. After graduating as Valedictorian from Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad with a major in Marketing, Maura wrote a book about Marketing Techniques in Romanian Language that is currently used in special training programs and university courses. In order to perfect her skills and explore her passion for Marketing, she completed her studies with a master's degree in Marketing and Business Management.

Ji Hae Han

Ji Hae Han

Han Ji Hae is a Crypto enthusiast from Seoul, Korea. She discovered the Blockchain technology in September 2016 and started investing in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs. She later decided to join CoinInfo.News and provide insights and reviews about the latest ICOs on the market under the nickname of "Hazy".