Tokens for sale: Date is TBA
Goal of funding (Soft cap):$1,000,000.00
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Finance: 8.3
Product: 10
Team: 3.3
Marketing: 5.0
Planned funds:


Current status:

0% done

Rank: 6.67


Verified team:(not set)
Whitelist of investors:No
KYC of investors:No
Goal of funding (Soft cap):$1,000,000.00
Goal of funding (Hard cap):$6,000,000.00
Tokens for sale:3,000,000 DAL
Token price:20
Minimum purchase:(not set)
Maximum purchase:(not set)
Have escrow agent:No
Have working prototype:Yes
White paper:Open
Currencies:XLM, BTC and ETH
Exchange markets:
Location:United States of America


leagiON Company is building a Decentralized Autonomous League (DAL) platform that will enable sports enthusiasts to participate in athletic competitions anywhere in the world; as players, team owners, coaches, referees or fans. Powered by the DAL utility token issued on the Stellar Distributed Ledger, the DAL ecosystem allows participants to run something as simple as four team basketball tournament or as complicated as large professional sports league by harnessing the power of Blockchain.

Funding Information

Cercentage of completion %



Operational Funds15.00%
Team and Advisors20.00%

Bonuses and discounts

1st round90%


Alexander Mologoko

Alexander Mologoko

Seasoned FinTech professional with background in high frequency/algorithmic trading and, recently, blockchain technologies. His career has involved hands-on technical development, management of diverse teams and employing expertise and influence across global organizations. Former CTO and co-founder of a successful FinTech startup, which has been acquired by EPAM Systems (NYSE:EPAM). Holds MS in Computer Science and MBA in Finance degrees.

Brett Nasello

Brett Nasello

Former Senior Finance Manager at a leading software and services company, providing trading and investment management systems to buy side and sell side clients in the financial services sector. Holds BS in Accounting and MBA in Finance

Alex Diner

Alex Diner

Serial entrepreneur and, originally, a Wall Street professional, he joined leagiON as Chief Executive Officer after running an innovative sharing economy startup, which employed smart lock systems and simplified P2P home and car sharing well before Active in the amateur sports scene, playing various soccer and ice hockey leagues. Holds BS and MBA in Finance degrees.

Boris Dainson

Boris Dainson

Boris is a seasoned developer with a broad range of experience at financial companies, start-ups, and corporations. He was the lead architect and developer at Xanboo, one of the first companies in Internet-based home automation. His work also includes developing systems for portfolio optimization, pricing fixed income security products, and more recently systems for utilizing blockchain at financial institutions. He earned a PhD from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

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